The finest leathers, highly trained craftsmen and a passion for perfection are what make Java Plum products special. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a sneak peek into the world of Java Plum. Take a look at how we do what we do so well.


Our workshop is the heart of Java Plum. It is where we create, indulge and explore our passion for leather.

Every piece begins as an idea – that meets the needs of people on the go. There is no substitute for a thoughtful, well-engineered and aesthetic design. With all our products designed in-house, our notebooks are stuffed to bursting with designs that are in various stages of conceptualisation and realisation. Each design undergoes rigorous assessment for practicality and functionality. It is then broken down into stencilled templates which are used to cut the leather into the required shapes. Then, the leather work begins.

Our leathers are of exceptional quality – many from Italy, others from some of the finest tanneries around the world. Choosing the leather suited for a particular product is the next step. Nappa, suede, naked, top grain, full grain, aniline, pigmented… the choice in finish and quality of leather is more varied than you might think. Choosing the right leather for each design is crucial as it plays an important part in the structural nuances of the finished piece.

Then the master cutter takes over. Each part of the design is mapped onto the leather. It is amazing to watch a master cutter at work. This the next step in making the design come alive.


Hand stitching the parts together comes next. This is possibly the most tedious yet crucial aspect of the whole process. The durability and load bearing strength of the piece will be determined by this step. Everything from the quality of the thread used, the alignment of the holes to the diligence of the needlework comes in to play at this stage. Once the stitching is complete, the finishing can begin.

Finishing involves rounding, dying and burnishing the edges along with the clasps, studs and other fittings being screwed into place. The finesse required demands that these tasks be performed by hand. Finishing the edges is an especially delicate task that requires the touch of master craftsmen whose skills have built over the years and thousands of pieces.

A Java Plum product can take weeks from concept to final piece. Each piece is exquisitely hand crafted by our artisans who are rightfully proud of every one that they create. Our pride, however, is tempered by humility. Each piece goes through many rounds of checks, during which some are rejected for not meeting our quality standards.


It is difficult to let go of something that has been crafted so painstakingly. But it is the only way to ensure that what reaches you is beautifully designed and supremely functional. Something you’ll enjoy carrying for a long time.