Java Plum was born from passion - for leather, for style, and the art of working by hand. In today’s age of machine-made, cut-and-dry precision, the art of crafting an object by hand is near extinct. Leather work is one of the few areas where this art is still alive.

Our journey began with a Vespa ride through Tuscany looking for the finest leathers and craftsmanship in the world. It culminated in setting up a workshop in India where each of our craftsmen is an artisan committed to creating beautiful leather accessories. Every Java Plum product bears witness to this commitment.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted. Each one is beautiful inside and out.

Java Plum leathers are sourced from the finest tanneries in the world. Every leather we use has been carefully chosen for its texture, look and feel. Our bags are functional, durable and elegant.

Every Java Plum product is a celebration of design, style and hand craftsmanship.